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Lukas Arvidsson

Artistic Director

Lukas Arvidsson is organist at the Cahman organ in Leufsta Bruk and artistic director of Leufsta Cahman Academy. As a concert organist and early keyboard musician as well as professional folk musician (riksspelman), he gives concerts in Sweden and abroad. Arvidsson is represented on CD recordings and videos.

The historic environment in Leufsta Bruk gives both musicians and audiences unique opportunities to discover baroque music in its own sphere.

Ulrika Davidsson

Doctor of Musical arts
Member of the Cahman Academy faculty

Ulrika Davidsson is a versatile musician and maintains an international performance career on fortepiano, clavichord, harpsichord and piano. She has given concerts in many European countries, USA, Japan and South Korea. She is regularly presenting and performing at international academies and festivals. Ms Davidsson has been Assistant Professor of Historical Keyboards at the Eastman School of Music, USA, and has taught at Hochschule für Künste Bremen, the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg. She has recorded on the Loft label, and her CD with the Well-Tempered Clavier I was released on Organroxx in 2021.

She is looking forward to returning to the Leufsta Cahman Academy to work with Bach on the clavichord.

Hans-Ola Ericsson.jpg

Hans-Ola Ericsson

Member of the Cahman Academy faculty

Hans-Ola Ericsson, born in Stockholm in 1958,

is active as an artist as well as a concert organist, professor, composer and visual artist.

He has given concerts and master classes all over the world. Studies for and meetings with some of the foremost composers and musicians of our time have shaped his worldview. He has been active as a professor at the schools of music in Piteå, Copenhagen, Bremen, Amsterdam and Montreal.

After returning to Sweden after 10 years in Canada, he divides his time between concert activities, a number of international guest professorships and time in the studio in Sunnansjö outside Sundsvall.

Leufstabruk has always been one of the magical places in the world for me, a place that I have to visit every year. The organ and the unique architecture calms the spirit and is extremely rewarding.

Karin Nelson

Member of the Cahman Academy faculty

Karin Nelson is professor in organ and church music at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and in organ at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg. In addition to concert activities in Sweden and abroad, Nelson has made numerous recordings, several with musicians from different genres where improvisation is included as a natural element.

In the words  of Karin, the fantastic organ in Lövstabruk in combination with the spectacular setting and the relaxed atmosphere among the participants contribute to the organ academy being one of the absolute highlights of the year!

DSC_4531 utan vita prickar.jpg

Mattias Lundberg

Professor Uppsala Universitet

Mattias Lundberg presents research concerning the views and opinions on organs and organists during the Swedish 17th and 18th centuries, a period which saw many debates about organ practice, improvisation, sermons in defense of the organ, and some little-known repertoire pieces surviving in Swedish chorale books from around 1750.

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