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Welcome to
Leufsta Cahman Academy

"I wish my heart were an organ pipe, and I the translator of God's silence."

(Emil M. Cioran)


Leufsta Cahman Academy gives you the opportunity to live with the baroque music in its own environment. The unique historic organ, built by Johan Niclas Cahman in 1728 in original condition is the center of the academy. 

Artistic Director is Lukas Arvidsson and with him a high quality faculty works and teaches.

The Leufsta Cahman Academy is a cooperation with the parish of Tierp, owner of the church and the organ, and University of Uppsala, The Archdiocese of Uppsala, Uppsala Cathedral and parish of Norra Roslagen.

Kommande evenemang

  • "Vad kärlek i min värld har byggt det river jag ej ned"
    04 feb. 19:00 – 20:20
    Lövstabruks kyrka, Västra Gatan 32, 819 66 Lövstabruk, Sverige
    Skådespelaren Stina Ekblad, organisten Lukas Arvidsson och dansarna Natalie Ogonek och Gabriel Davidsson låter er guidas genom Zacharias Topelius dikt Vintergatan.

About Leufsta Cahman Academy

In the forests of northern Uppland lays the old community Lövstabruk. Lövstabruk was once one of the world's most successful and Sweden's largest ironworks dating from the 16th century. From the beginning of the 1640s and for thirteen generations onwards, Lövstabruk was owned by the de Geers family.

The village is today an appreciated destination with a lot to offer. A genuine 18th century environment with mansion, park, orangery, utility street and church – with the famous Cahman organ from 1728.

The parish of the Church of Sweden Tierp in collaboration with Uppsala Diocese, Uppsala Cathedral and Uppsala University invites you to Leufsta Cahman Academy. There you get a unique opportunity to visit the 18th century and to experience baroque music in its right environment.

The artistic director is the organist of the Cahman organ, Lukas Arvidsson. The management group also consists of Uppsala Diocese's music consultant Mats Stenlund, Professor Karin Nelson and piano musician and organist Ulrika Davidsson, Professor Hans-Ola Ericsson and Pastor Kristin Elf.

Leufsta Cahman Academy collaborates with Church of Sweden Östhammar, Lövstabruks Kulturförening, Sensus, Lövstabruks Värdshus, Lövstabruks Herrgård and Klaverens hus.

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