Welcome to Leufsta Cahman Academy 2022

Leufsta Cahman Academy gives you the opportunity to study baroque music with one of the most famous baroque organs in the world - the magnificent Cahman organ from 1728. This years masterclasses will focus at the free works of Dieterich Buxtehude as well as Buxtehude as an improviser. We will also get the opportunity to study Johann Sebastian Bach´s Leipzig- and Neumeister chorals. The clavichord studies will focus at das Wohltemperiertes Klavier, Book 1.

The free works of D. Buxtehude - Lukas Arvidsson

Clavichord - das Wohltemperiertes Klavier - Ulrika Davidsson

Leipzig and Neumeister Chorals - Hans-Ola Ericsson

Improvisation based on Buxtehude - Karin Nelson

In near cooperation with the University of Uppsala you will learn more about the original context of the Cahman organ. Prof. Mattias Lundberg will give that workshop.

Together with Eric Sahlström Institutet you will get to know and try the Swedish traditional folk instrument nyckelharpa to understand the heritage of the music in Sweden in the 18th century. You will also get a unique tour of the big Manor house with its 18th century keyboard collection as well as unforgettable concerts and your own practice time at the Cahman organ, and more…

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The Academy cooperate with Uppsala Universitet, Uppsala Stift, Uppsala Domkyrka, Roslagens Norra Pastorat, Eric Sahlström institutet, Stiftelsen Leufsta and Sensus.

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